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You will always find the best offers in our online booking. This is guaranteed. Prices at HSH Hotel Apartments Mitte vary depending on the time of travel and room type.

Our promise:

  • The earlier you book, the cheaper it is.
  • The longer you stay, the cheaper it is.
  • Our arrangements are always a bargain

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The flexible daily price

Our most flexible offer, particularly suitable for business travellers who need a high degree of flexibility. As a rule (and outside trade fair and congress times) cancellations can be made free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival. We will inform you of your cancellation conditions when you make your booking.

Those who stay longer pay much less. Longstay offers for 7, 14 or 30 nights

The HSH flats are perfect for those who are planning a longer stay. All studios and flats have a fully equipped kitchenette and plenty of room for your personal belongings.


Would you like to have a ready-made breakfast table from time to time? No problem, you can simply add breakfast. Even by the day. And there is a great selection of restaurants within walking distance for you.


Book early and save 15%.

If you book at least 21 days before arrival, you save a whopping 15%. But please note: The early bird rate cannot be cancelled after booking and must be paid directly at the time of booking.

The HSH short holiday offers

Preparation is everything. Of course you can also discover Berlin on your own and be close to the hustle and bustle of Berlin, but sometimes our travel packages and weekend trips show you the capital from a completely different perspective. Our package suggestions are sorted by travel themes. These packages can be booked securely and quickly online. We are also happy to help you choose your personal package by phone.


This year especially has exciting travel offers


Longstay offers for 7, 14 or 30 nights. 1 month from 1.350 €
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Autumn bargain 1 night including breakfast and drink voucher

Autumn bargain 1 night including breakfast and drink voucher You should not miss this savings offer. The great…
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Autumn bargain 2 nights including breakfast and drink voucher

You should not miss this savings offer. The great breakfast is already included in the price plus a voucher of 20 €…
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2 nights with breakfast and the Berlin Welcome Card 48 h
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Discover and experience the capital city Berlin in our comfortable studios with a glass of Prosecco.
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Spirit of science in Berlin

Live here to see the high variety of Berlin’s culture, especially for kids get their money’s worth.
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For enquiries regarding Long Stays, we are always available and happy to help by phone or in person at the HSH Hotel Apartments Mitte. We will gladly answer any questions and show you around the apartment hotel on a personal tour.

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